BT Bulletin 09/02/2017

Hi, everyone!!

I hope you’re all doing GREAT and enjoying this long holiday weekend!! 

Okay, here is your BT BULLETIN….and please note that the usual “Look Ahead” of activities and trainings and list of important “Scouting stuff” (shown below) has again beenUPDATED….and those same dates can always be found on our BT calendar at our District website at and/or on the “calendar” link at the IAC website at

If you haven’t already, please also take a quick look at the new and updated Organizational Chart for BT District!! 

It takes a LOT of committed volunteers to keep all the wonderful programs “going strong” in our District, so let’s say “THANK YOU!” to all of these good folks…and if YOU would like to be a member of the BT Team, please let me know….thank you!!


Many thanks to ALL of you who picked up your “Show ‘n Sell” popcorn on Friday (y’all sorted $60,000 worth of popcorn in 20 minutes…whaaaat?), and if you haven’t yet contacted our hard-working District Popcorn Chair, Brenda Melancon, to confirm all of your “Show ‘n Sell” locations (we have NEW locations this year!!), please do so TODAY…thanks!!

Important 2017 Popcorn Dates:

September 17th           Scout Popcorn Kick-off Party, Safari Quest - Hammond

September 24th           Scout Popcorn Kick-off Party, Skate Galaxy – Baton Rouge

October 18th                Unit Take Orders Due to Council

November 4th                 Final Day for Online Prize Order

November 3rd & 4th     Take Order Popcorn Pick-Up

Brenda Melancon ~


Many thanks to everyone who’s been working so hard to schedule and host their Recruitment Nights, meeting their principals and attending Open Houses, and welcoming HUNDREDS of NEW Cub Scouts!!  I continue to receive calls every day from excited families, all looking forward to getting involved with a Cub Scout pack, so again, thank you for all your efforts!   :)

Upcoming Cub Scouts adult trainings:

BALOO Training – September 16th @ 5Lakes– flyer attached

OLSWL Training – September 16th-17th @ 5Lakes – flyer attached

Cub Scout Position Specific Training – September 26th @ St. Timothy’s

UPDATE:  I only have three (3) volunteers registered for BALOO training so far (from P85 and P221), so we have PUSHED BACK the registration deadline to Friday, September 8th, so please SIGN UP TODAY!!  

Additionally, I only have two (2) volunteers registered for OLSWL training (from P221) so again, please sign up and please get trained to ensure a successful camping experience for our Scouts!!

Remember, every pack needs at least 2-3 volunteers BALOO trained so that you can go camping, so please SIGN UP TODAY!!


Upcoming Boy Scout adult training:

IOLS Training – September 15th-17th @ 5Lakes – flyer attached

To-date, I only have five (5) volunteers signed up for IOLS training (from T119, T160, and T310), so again, please take advantage of the extended registration deadline of Friday, September 8th and SIGN UP TODAY!

OA NEWS from the Quinipissa Lodge: 

Fall Ordeal is right around the corner!  The Quinipissa Lodge will be holding its Fall Ordeal the weekend of September 15th-17that Camp Avondale.  For those OA Candidates who were elected earlier this year, but weren’t able to participate in the Spring Ordeal, don’t miss this opportunity to become Arrowmen.  For those who are already Arrowmen, Fall Ordeal is a great time for camping, fellowship, and giving a little service back to the Lodge and Camp Avondale.  Hope to see you all there!

VENTURE CREW NEWS:  I want to send out a BIG “CONGRATULATIONS!!” to the dedicated members of Crew 213 and Crew 313 for their terrific race results at the recent BSA White River Races in Arkansas….they had a LOT of 1stplaces finishers!! 

Please look at the photos and race results on the BT District page on the Council’s website at ….way to go, paddlers….we’re proud of YOU!!!


Charles Erickson, interim Skipper of our Sea Scout Ship 312, is always looking for new adults and youth as we continue to add to the growing membership of our Ship….and yes, this is a CO-ED Sea Scout Ship…. so please reach out to Mr. Charley at if you’d like to learn more…many thanks!


IOLS/OWLS – Friday-Sunday, September 15th-17th @ Five Lakes – flyer attached

BALOO – Saturday, September 16th @ Five Lakes – flyer attached

Cub Scout Position Specific Training – Tuesday, September 26th @ St. Timothy’s

We all know that training is an important part of being an effective volunteer and leader, so please check the dates on the “Look Ahead” (below) for our upcoming training dates, and if our dates conflict with your busy schedule, please remember to look at the Istrouma Area Council’s calendar at our website at to see if a neighboring District might have a date that works better for you.  In addition, you can always look at either of the Council websites for SELA Council on the Southshore and/or Evangeline Council in Lafayette to see if they might have a training dates that meets your scheduling requirements.

Also attached to this “Bulletin” is a new list called “2017 Position Trained Courses” and it is a very helpful listing of courses that each adult NEEDS to take to be consideredTRAINED for their position.  In looking at the document, you’ll see (columns left to right) (1) the position title, (2) the required courses to be position trained…and these include Youth Protection Training, plus the correct “classroom” course  - or – the appropriate online courses, and then (4) a listing of the optional “online learning plans”.

Remember….”Every Scout deserves a TRAINED leader” and when a trained leader presents a STRONG PROGRAM, we’ll see MORE and MORE ENTHUSIASTIC SCOUTS…hooray!! 


Our next Roundtable Meeting  (2nd Thursday of each month) will be September 14th

Roundtable is an important meeting of all of our volunteers each month….folks swap new ideas and old concerns, “meet and great” new volunteers, and we always have a full agenda for each of the Cub Scout and Boy Scout break-out sessions!! 

It’s also a GREAT time to turn in any NEW youth and/or adult application, activity registration fees, Eagle packets, Merit Badge Counselor applications, advancement reports….anything at all…so just look for me there…thanks!!

And please remember that our District Roundtables are always OPEN to ALL PARENTS!! 

Again, the purpose of our Roundtable meetings is to share news, ideas, activity dates, trainings, solutions, and/or simply swap names and phone numbers between volunteers, so hopefully we’ll continue to see a LOT of new faces at Roundtable each month!


Information is being added to our updated Council website all the time, so please take a minute to look at all of the events, trainings, and activities shown there at 


Last, but not least, COMMUNICATION IS KEY in getting out the word about events and trainings going on throughout the year, so PLEASE take a second to share this Bulletin with your colleagues, families, fellow leaders, committee members….everyone who you’re connected with through Scouting!

Again, please help ME help YOUR SCOUTS by sharing any and all District emails you might receive….many thanks!! 

Your grateful District Executive...


“The DE for BT”